Authorised Mobil Distributor | A subsidiary of Santa United International Holdings Pte Ltd

Specialty Chemicals

As the ExxonMobil’s Preferred Distributor for Phillipines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, we offer a wide range of ExxonMobil chemicals and specialty polymers for enhanced performance of materials across various rubber and plastic applications in the automotive, consumer goods and compounding industries.



Vistalon EPDM rubber

•  Used in automotive radiator hoses, window weather stripping, gaskets, roofing membranes and cable insulation.

•  Offers superior processing abilities, weather and ozone resistance, stability of insulation properties in water and longer life spans in extreme environmental conditions.

Vistamaxx SE

• Improves and extends the properties of polymers and compounds for special requirements.

• Particularly effective in applications requiring greater elasticity, enhanced flexibility, transparency and adhesion.

Santoprene TPV

• Combines the flexibility and low compression set of vulcanized rubber with the processing ease of thermoplastics.

• Improves performance and production costs in consumer and industrial product applications. Lightweight feature enhances efficiency and fuel economy in automotive applications.

Exact Plastomers

• Enhances toughness, clarity and sealing performance of flexible packaging materials.

• Select products comply with a wide range of FDA food contact regulations.